Do You Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

I was recently diagnosed with megaloblastic anemia (aka unusually large, and low red blood cells) that is a direct result of low B12 and folate. Turns out I have poor gut absorption and not absorbing my oral supplements very well. I had no idea why I was feeling so incredibly tired until a recent blood test revealed my anemia.

B12 is essential for DNA repair, production of red blood cells, nerve cells and immunity!

You may be at risk of a B12 deficiency if you are an older adult, a vegetarian, have poor gut health, have IBS, Crohn's disease, Celiac, or have had weight loss surgery. An untreated B12 deficiency can lead to anemia and neurological problems, depression, memory loss, incontinence, loss of taste and smell, and more.

Signs and symptoms of a B12 deficiency may include:


Shortness of breath


Pale or yellowish skin

Irregular heartbeats

Weight loss

Numbness or tingling in your hands and feet

Muscle weakness

Mood or personality changes

Unsteady movements

Mental confusion or forgetfulness

Vitamin B12 cannot be made by the body and must be absorbed from nutrients in the foods we eat or the supplements we take. Often, food is not enough! I can be extremely difficult to obtain adequate amounts of B12 from the foods we eat, especially if you eat a largely plant based diet. Luckily, a B12 deficiency can be corrected in one of two simple ways: either by supplementing with a high-dose, sublingual B12, or weekly B12 injections. Depending on your age and the status of your gut health, B12 injections may be the most effective. "B12 shots" ensure 100% absorption and are effective at quickly rising levels of B12 in the bloodstream for immediate benefit. Supplementing with B12 can dramatically increase energy, improve brain function, promotes heart health, improves mood, symptoms of depression, and can even aid in weight loss! Not to mention, B12 is a great immunity booster!

A B12 shot is just $45 per injection and I come to you! Locals can DM me or call (323) 379-9698 to make an appointment.

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